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No Confidence? Test Problems?

• Have you had a lot of lessons, but something has gone wrong with your driving, and you're not making the progress you feel you should be making? I can help!

• Have you failed your test, and don't know how to put things right so it doesn't happen again?

Confidence can disappear for any number of reasons – you might have had a bad experience with some impatient driver, or a particular road situation fills you with dread – or tests always make you nervous.

• There are several ways to set about dealing with the problem or problems. The first is to discuss them.

• Then we can get on the road to encounter simple situations which are not problematic, to help you realise you really can drive! Then we build up from there.

What you need at this time is someone beside you who can point out any road situations which require thought, someone who will encourage you to cope, and praise you when you cope well.

If you want to retake a test, we can go through the whole test experience, so you know you can deal with whatever happens when you get out there with an examiner.

Come to me, and we can deal with the issue of building back your confidence, going at your pace, and dealing with every problem as it arises, so you know how to manage next time! And you will know!

If you like the sound of this method of dealing with lack of confidence, then call me on 07876 458709

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