Affordable, Professional and Friendly Learner Driving Tuition in Dorset

Intermediate Learner

Have you taken a few lessons, recently or in the past, and not got any further, for whatever reason? If so, and you want to start again, then I can help!

• The first lesson involves seeing how much you remember from before. Whether you remember loads, or nothing at all, there's no pressure!

• The more you know, the less reason there is to spend time on early stuff – I'm not going to hold you back!

• Since you won't have driven my car before, you can spend time getting used to it.

If you've driven a Corsa before, you'll already know the clutch is very easy going – if not, you'll probably find the biting point is easier to find than in some cars, so you'll able to get going all the quicker!

• After the first lesson, we'll continue with more advanced driving, dealing with roundabouts, busy junctions, etc, going at the pace that suits you. If there's a problem we'll sort it at once so it won't come back to trouble you later on!

• There's no pressure to take everything in at once! As I say, we will go at the pace that suits you!

If this sounds like it is for you – call me on 07876 458709

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Unfortunately, Cathy is unable to take on any learners at this moment in time. Please check back later.



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