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  I knew that Alice had never had a surprise party or a big birthday party since being little. In April 2011 I started to plan a big surprise birthday party for her at a local village hall. It took me a year to pull everything together - food, drink, music, party stuff and people! The biggest problem was that living with someone and trying to create a "big surprise" like that was near impossible. Alice knew something was going on, so the day came round - 12th May 2012 - half way between both our 21st birthday's. Having spent the day killing a small car with about 4 tonnes of food and drink and with a little help from a friend or two, Alice arrived at the party completely shocked and set back. About an hour into the party I asked her for a quick chat in a nearby quiet room - "What did you think of the surprise then huh?" - "I can't believe it - I knew something was going on but I didn't expect this" - "Well this isn't actually the surprise..." *One knee... rest is history* ( Written by Adam )  

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